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Life Safety and Accreditation Surveys
Staying compliant of all the laws and regulations that are always being placed is sometimes a very difficult task.  This is where our team can help your team.
BESC can provide you with complete Life Safety Programs in many areas that are common in; Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Hospitals and more.
Our team works closely with you the entire time making sure that your  ready for your next inspection.
Some of the consulting services we provide:
Mock Accreditation Survey to CMS Standards
Life Safety/Facility Survey to CMS Standards
Safety Policy Reviews
Emergency Management Reviews
Safety Policies wrote to your exact needs
Inspection of Fire related walls and Smoke barriers
We are even able to provide annual safety training on mandatory federal safety programs and new laws or compliance that has been released. Work with a proven leader in the industry, by providing you staff, as well your patients with the best to stay safe.
Contact us for a consultation with our expert team today.