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Fire/Rescue/Hazardous Materials Services

Bradley Emergency Services Consulting provides a number of fire, rescue and hazmat services and solutions for your community, organization or business. We can customize our solutions to fit your needs! Contact us today for more information and to learn how we can serve you. More services are coming, stay tune!
  • OSHA Hazardous Materials Awareness, Operations, Technician, Incident Commander
  • Decon Strategies
  • CBRNE Courses
  • Confined Space Rescue Courses
  • Fire Scene Safety Courses
  • Disaster Preparedness Lectures & Courses
  • Maritime Safety Courses
  • Bio-Safety in Laboratory settings
  • Emergency Response to Bio Containment facilities
  • USFA Vacant abandoned Buildings Project
  • Donning and Doffing PPE and SCBA Techniques
  • Mass Casualty
  • Social Media & Public Information Crisis Response Courses
  • More Courses Coming Soon!!

  • Fire Protection Department Administration Services
  • Grants & Financial Services
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Equipment Management & Procurement
  • Volunteer Management
  • Staffing & Recruitment 
  • Hazmat Team Refresher, Renewal & Compliance Services
  • Vehicle Modification & Support Services