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EMS Programs & Courses....
BESC is a leader in Emergency Services education, programs, and courses.  Our team volunteers, and works within the EMS community right along with you.
Our classes are designed for every size EMS agency and offer the best in pricing as well CEU's.   We offer the latest in educational programs that are delivered the way that you encounter it every day.
Below are just some of our programs, that we offer.  Please feel free to contact us for pricing, and more information we can send your course descriptions.
The Medical Patient, Interpreting Vital Signs, Geriatric Assessment, Trauma Assessment, and Medical Assessment.
Special Topics in EMS:
Bariatric Patient Care and Transport, Cold Weather Emergencies, Hot Weather Emergencies, Diabetic Emergencies, Response Awareness for the Hard of Hearing Patient, Domestic Violence, Social Media, LVAD Response for EMS and much more.  We offer more then 200 EMS classes and programs all custom built by our staff.
Operational EMS:
Heart Failure, Seizures, Street Drugs, Stroke, Seasonal Response, EMS response for Farming, Air Medical transports, Bloodborne Pathogens, HazMat and EMS Response, Managing Multiple EMS Operations/Patients, Report Writing, The Role of EMS in Rehab, Scene Safety, Terrorism/EMS Readiness Triage.
These are just some of over the 200 various programs we offer!   We work and volunteer in EMS so why
would you work with anyone else!