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AED Corporate Response, AED Development......
BESC is a complete AED company. 
We are able to service all your AED needs, from purchase of a single units, multiple units, Corporate AED Response systems, Community Public Access and more.
 Our team have created some of the best AED packages in the industry, so let us create one for you.
Purchasing an AED on-line is not a wise choice, you need the AED, feel it, and know just what it does.
  Our team will bring a unit to you, meet with you and develop the best AED Response system for your facility, with over 25 years in AED knowledge you will be rest assured Bradley is the right choice.
Below are some of our most popular packages.  Please contact us for more information and schedule an AED meeting.
Prices are subject to change.
 The following AED packages are the most popular, and provide all that you need to begin you AED team.
Samaritan PAD 350P AED:  This AED comes with: a bright yellow carrying case, live AED unit battery, 1 set of Adult pads, all necessary equipment to download an event if needed, and a complete instruction CD. 
PRICE: $1,250.00
Samaritan PAD 350P AED (2): This AED is the same as the above unit.  Comes with 2 Adult Pad-pacs within the AED unit.
PRICE: $ 1,395.00
Samaritan PAD 350P AED (3): Same unit as above, comes with both Adult and Pediatric Pad-pac for use of AED unit.
PRICE: $ 1, 600.00
Samaritan PAD 350P(4): 1 adult Pad-pac with TSO C142a (for aviation use only) comes with all of basic AED unit.
BESC is the only company that has available an aviation AED unit.
PRICE: $ 1, 650.00
We can create the best AED Response system for your facility.  BESC meets with you and walks within your facility to make sure you have to save a life.  Our response development is the best in the industry.
Our development packages are broken into a few areas.  When contacting us you may refer to a certain section as "A", "B" and so on.
CPP A:  This is our most Corporate AED package and the best in the industry for price.   You receive the following:  HeartSine AED 350P  with all that is needed to respond, 1 AED cabinet, complete AED development of protocols, and CPR/AED training up to 5 participants.
PRICE: $ 1,395.00
CPP B:  Same as above package, included in medical direction for 2 years.
PRICE: $ 1,400.00
( For more custom development of your AED response system and corporate packages please contact us.)

Need help in developing a medical response or AED plan for your workplace? Let us help you today! Click here for more information.

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