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The Bradley Team knows the importance of purchasing the right AED unit for your facility.  Buying an AED is an important step for any organization, as well a costly investment that actually needs to save a life. However in order for an effective AED Response System to work a support system needs to be in place to ensure that the AED is ready, and the response is there.
Simply placing an AED on the wall and not fully supporting it with an actual response plan and system could be a risky and costly approach.  BESC provides complete AED Development and continued support and planning once your AED is placed in your facility, you can be confident that your team will be ready to respond.Our unique team approach, combined with our experience begins with meeting you and determining and building and AED Response System just for you.  After you AED is purchased we will work with you on a continued basis, providing support, the best in training, supplies and so much more.

AED System Implementation
From the beginning BESC will provide you with the consistent support and we are prepared at every step to provide you with training, supplies, and so much more.We will work with you and your staff to install and implement all of the necessary components of your AED Response system.Once your system is installed, our staff will provide all that you need to be ready, respond and save a life.  There is no other company or AED supplier that can provide you with the level of expertise and service that you demand.
AED Support System An AED system is more than simply placing the AED in a warehouse or leaving it on a shelf.  It means letting your staff know and how to use it.  Many AED units are installed without the appropriate measures of training and development ever put in place.  Often many times the lack of support and dedication is the reason and AED system fails and many just don't purchase one.  Owning an AED and having the proper support for your facility is very important.  BESC will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your AED System is ready when you need it most, and as well help you reduce the liability.
Solutions  As an end-to-end provider and Premier Distributor of HeartSine AED, the most reliable and cost effective unit in the industry BESC is able to provide you with full development and implementation of you AED System from day one.  We never have your AED unit shipped to you, we deliver it to you, meet with you from day one to get you ready.  We have developed hundreds of AED Responder Systems across the country and we are ready for you.  BESC will provide complete compliance for you with all laws, and regulations, including the manufacturer's individual product guidelines.Ensuring compliance every step of the way is an essential risk management policy for your AED system to work.

Monthly Onsite AED Checks
Your AED manufacturer requires that you inspect your AED for certain items every month ad every year.  This needs to be done to ensure the reliability of your unit making sure it is ready to respond.  It also protects you from the liability of not being in compliance.Monthly as well weekly inspections are very vital to your AED system.  Often and many times these inspections are conducted by no trained individuals who aren't even CPR certified.  They do not understand the importance or the significance of these inspections and are in the business for the "bottom line".There are been many documented instances were some "companies" sign off of an inspection and then the unit fails to respond hence saving a life.  Rest assured the BESC AED specialist are ready to have you ready.  We can perform all the needed and requited AED inspections.
Audits  Whether you just established your AED system or all ready have one in place and operating for a few years, we can assist you in evaluating the effectiveness and preparedness of your AED system.  AED location is one of the most important factors for a successful AED response.AED's may be located in inefficient locations or behind a restrictive barrier or most of times not even within reach of responders.
In addition to evaluating your AEDs we will also evaluate your complete systems compliance with local, state and federal laws to make sure that your AED system us ready to operate in an emergency.  Fill out a request for a meeting in our Contact Us Section.  There is no cost to you to meet one of our AED Specialist. Ask for a System Audit when you speak with us.
Medical Direction  BESC can provide you with complete and credentialed medical direction for your AED system.  Under almost every states law, and AED system needs to be supervised by a practicing physician.  The physician is responsible for writing the prescription for the AED and ensuring that protocols or directions for the use of the AED are in place.  Also if the AED is used in a response event the physician is responsible for reviewing such event.  BESC provides full Medical Direction through a Board Certified physicians.
Training and Certification  It's who we are!  BESC is the best company in all your CPR/AED training that you need.  We are an Accredited Training with ASHI and an authorized provider of AHA programs through a top 100 university hospital!  You can't get any better than that.Whether you need 10 or 100 people trained BESC can do it.We come right to you to get you certified.
Business Training and Certification  We offer onsite OSHA mandated programs in such areas as; Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and OSHA Hazwoper classes.  We can even train and build for you a First Responder program.  We come to you fully prepared to train you the right way.
But we don't stop there..... we offer a full range of AED supplies and materials.  Everything you need from wall mount signs, stickers, to AED pads, we are your COMPLETE supplier.

Contact us today and schedule a meeting.  There is no better company to work with than BESC, and we know that you will not find them.

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